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Our innovative safety products make it easier to identify and protect against hazards and over-accidents in high-risk environments.


Lifeline and safety line

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Guidelines: A path to safe and serene evacuation.
An innovation that puts safety and peace of mind at the heart of every evacuation.

evacuation range

fire department evacuation guide line

Our evacuation guide line for firefighters is an invaluable asset during rescue operations. In a search and rescue scenario, where visibility is reduced and time is of the essence. Our illuminated lifeline makes it easier to locate people in distress and find the way out without losing your bearings, speeding up operations and saving lives.

We’ve pushed the boundaries of technology to create a safety lifeline that embodies innovation and reliability. Thanks to quality materials and meticulous design, our lifeline is sturdy, resistant and ready to face the most demanding situations.

The use of low-energy LEDs guarantees extended autonomy, allowing you to rely on our lifeline during critical evacuations. What’s more, our ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit for extended use without compromising your mobility.

safe innov Firefighters line smoke evacuation guide
safe innov equipment

suitable for all types of drains

The guide line is fire-resistant and watertight.
Its LEDs enable it to be seen from several meters away in even very thick smoke, and even in foam for special evacuations.

evacuation range

school evacuation guide line

At Safe Innov we understand that safety is a top priority in sensitive environments such as schools and retirement homes.

That’s why we’ve developed a safety guide line specially designed for these locations, to ensure safe and serene evacuation in the event of an emergency.

Discover how our innovative lighting and security solution can bring invaluable peace of mind to your facilities.

A Lifeline for Children and the Elderly

Our safety lifeline is designed to adapt to the specific needs of children and the elderly, taking into account their physical abilities and emotions in stressful situations. Equipped with low-glare LEDs, it gently guides children and the elderly towards the exit, creating a clearly visible path in the dark and smoke.

For schools, our lifeline offers reassuring protection during evacuation drills, allowing teachers and students to move around safely and follow a clear path to assembly points. It also reduces children’s emotional stress, creating a familiar, safe environment in emergency situations.

In retirement homes, our safety lifeline becomes a valuable ally for residents and staff alike. It offers added confidence by ensuring an organized, panic-free evacuation, even for those with mobility difficulties. Our soft light diodes help create a soothing environment while ensuring safe and efficient evacuation.

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made in france

Not only imagined, designed and patented in France, but also entirely manufactured by local companies.

The various components are sourced and then fully assembled and programmed in France, for the electronics, mechanics and plastics used.

We are also at your side for any technical question, specific adaptation  or advice of use if you feel the need.

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