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Operation of the equipment

The Touret

several configurations available

Our safety light barrier consists of several elements that interact with each other to secure the danger area.

We have developed our barrier in different formats to allow it to adapt to all situations according to your needs.

The reel is available in 10 meter and 60/100 meter formats, but can also be adapted to your needs.

Depending on your needs, you can define the number of individual proximity sensors required and add optional equipment for noisy environments and the desired carrying accessories.

Reel 60/100 meters

Safe Innov

Reel 10 meters

Safe Innov

individual equipment

A proximity sensor

Each staff member wears his or her proximity sensor, which allows them to be individually warned if they get close to the barrier cable.

The sensor sounds (>90db, adjustable volume) and vibrates to signal to the protected wearer that he must adjust his position in relation to the danger zone and encourage him to move away from it.

The signalling distance can be set for each one between 20 and 60 cm, depending on the needs and configurations of each site.

safe innov equipment

choice of sensor carrying

An ankle brace or shoe clip

In order to ensure the desired function and accuracy, the sensor is worn in a low position according to the needs of each individual.

Safe Innov will be able to provide either a shoe cover or an ankle strap that allow to equip the sensors very easily and without any discomfort.

In addition, a series of high-powered LEDs are integrated into the ankle brace to provide a clear view of the ground and improve safety on night work sites (power supply unit optional).

safe innov equipment
safe innov equipment
safe innov equipment

when used in a noisy environment

A communicating noise-cancelling headset

In partnership with VOGO, SAFE INNOV offers the
as a triple safety equipment for noisy or extended building sites.

Thanks to this anti-noise communicating headset, the wearers benefit from a noise filter attenuating all the surrounding noise pollution, while being able to communicate with each other very naturally over a distance of more than 1200 meters and with a lot of comfort (permanent full duplex communication, unlike walkie-talkies, no manipulation is necessary to speak).


And of course the signal from the proximity sensor is carried into the helmet so that the wearer also has the protection of the LVSL barrier cable.



The SAFE INNOV application allows you to easily program the sensors and their behavior: signaling distance, activation of the vibrator, secure pairing with ear muffs if necessary, remote updates…

Once set up, configurations are secure and equipment can be deployed without the need to reprogram each time it is used.

safe innov application

Once the reel is deployed, it will protect each of the personnel thanks to the individual sensors that signal proximity to the barrier cable

collective equipment

Easily transportable

No more chores to haul and install stakes and rolls of restrictive barriers !

The barrier cable itself is installed with a reel. Available in several cable lengths according to the configuration of the teams and typical sites, the reels systematically integrate a battery allowing to work in complete autonomy on the field.

Housing is also available to directly load the sensors if necessary.

Examples of configurations :

The reel ” LVSL 10 ” embeds 10 meters of barrier cable and is directly portable (+/-7kg), allowing to easily protect 2 or 3 people in a small safety bubble.

The “LVSL 60” reel carries 60 meters of barrier cable on a small cart and weighs 32kg, which can be moved easily thanks to the all-terrain wheels fitted.

Safe Innov
safe innov equipment

adapted to difficult terrain

Robust and waterproof

All the equipment is designed and manufactured to adapt to your different work sites.

The reel, sensors and helmet are waterproof and durable, and the barrier cable itself is resistant to abrasion, wind and even rototillers if necessary.

Construction equipment and other vehicles can also drive on it.

In the event of a break despite this design, a fault signal is immediately issued by all the sensors and a quick repair kit is provided to enable work to be resumed safely within a few minutes.

adapted to the terrain

Quick installation

Once the cable is in the work area, installation is immediate: simply unwind the cable and press the start button for the protection to take effect.

Each staff member can then perform an individual function test by testing his or her proximity signal and then start working safely.

As simple and quick as that: in less than 10 minutes everything is in place and the work can start.

safe innov equipment

suitable for all kinds of dangerous situations

The Touret has been designed to adapt to all kinds of situations and work sites.

we’re good!

made in france

Not only imagined, designed and patented in France, but also entirely manufactured by local companies.

The various components are sourced and then fully assembled and programmed in France, for the electronics, mechanics and plastics used.

We are also at your side for any technical question, specific adaptation  or advice of use if you feel the need.

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