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The lighted life line and safety line is a safety system for interventions near dangerous areas.
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Replaces physical barriers

The LVSL replaces physical barriers and provides additional protection.

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A personal proximity report

Dedicated equipment is provided to each staff to signal the proximity of the danger zone and to keep them in the safety zone.

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Materialize any danger zone

The LVSL is an innovation that is particularly well suited to temporary and mobile work sites requiring reinforced and immediate safety.

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Create a Danger Zone and alert operators in case of proximity with an individual signal


The cable is installed close to the danger zone and produces a very weak radio signal.
The workers are equipped with a sensor (overshoe or ankle boot) that detects the cable, estimates its distance (+/- 20 com to 1m) and emits an audible signal if it is beyond the programmed limit.

The anti-noise communicating helmet VOKKERO GUARDIAN can complement the system when teams are working in a noisy environment. It allows for safe and comfortable team communication throughout the site (range of 1.2km).

Le Touret

Le Touret avec son câble LVSL sécurise une zone de 60 à 100 mètres et se déploie en 10 minutes seulement

Capteur de détection

Le capteur de détection est porté par l'opérateur. Ici il est inséré dans une attache sur-chaussure, mais peut aussi être dans une chevillère

Casque Vokkero Guardian

Le casque anti-bruit communiquant permet aux ouvriers d'être alertés même dans un environnement bruyant

Suitable for night work

The equipment has been designed to allow them to adapt to the different contexts of the work sites.

They are suitable for night work and allow operators to work safely in poorly lit areas.

Safe Innov
Safe Innov

Adapted to all types of environments and work sites

The Lifeline and Safety Light is adapted to the securing of all dangerous areas.
Our equipments are perfectly adapted to the situations met on the building sites and interventions with risk of fall, electric risks, special machines, hot zones, prohibited zones, proximity of machines, …

The LVSL is also specifically approved for work in railway environments (AGT N°21211) and is deployed particularly for all works near the tracks not requiring the involvement of the Dangerous Zone (various worksites such as vegetation control, works along a platform, inspection of engineering structures, …).

Safe Innov
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