The PROTEXTYL website has published an article presenting the features and benefits of our Sound and Light Life Line and Safety System, completed by an interview with Lionel Brunnengreber, founder of Safe Innov.

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This system made in France allows the materialization of a zone of threats, that to allow to alert the professionals in case of proximity with a danger with the help of an individual signalling. It is after 5 years of development that the system is patented and is marketed since summer 2021.

This innovation is adapted to mobile and temporary work sites requiring a fast and reinforced security. Moreover, it allows to replace the often cumbersome physical barriers. Finally, additional equipment is provided to the personnel to signal the danger zone and to keep the members in safe positions.

Operation of this virtual, sound and fluorescent barrier:

Installed in a few minutes near the danger zone, the system is available in different lengths from 10 to 100 meters. It allows the materialization and signalling of the dangerous zone by day and by night (luminous cable). A proximity sensor is then worn by all personnel involved.

First of all, if one of the individuals equipped with a sensor is too close to the cable, the sensor will emit an audible signal so that the wearer stays safely out of the danger zone. The triggering of the signal is also adjustable from 20 to 60 cm.

Then, even in a noisy work environment, there is equipment that can remedy these nuisances. Indeed, thanks to a communicating and active anti-noise helmet, the signal is sent directly to the individual.

The complete system has a maximum autonomy of 5 days and 2 to 3 days with the light activated.

Composition of the KIT :

-Integrated sensor charging and storage system, with various USB connections available

-A robust barrier cable

-An adjustable handle to simplify its transport by hand

-A bright fluorescent center line

Puncture-proof wheels for easy movement on steep terrain

-Different lengths (10-60-100m) to meet all requirements

-Waterproof (strong water jets in all directions) and dustproof (full IP66)

Composition of the Individual Equipment:

-Detection sensor (close sensors or barrier cable)

-Sensor wearing system (2 versions available: ankle strap or shoe cover)

-Communicating noise-cancelling headphones (radio terminal)

Interview with Mr. Lionel BRUNNENGREBER (CEO of the SME MyAngel)

-How was your company born?

My Angel was born in 2014 out of the belief that we needed to reinvent Lone Worker Protection. For the past 7 years, it has enabled us to collaborate with major players in the field of occupational risk prevention, and in particular with experts from the SNCF. It was with them that the idea of the virtual barrier was born to secure mobile work sites while gaining in efficiency for the teams. Safe Innov is the sister company of My Angel, which was born from this collaboration.

-Can you define your company in a few words?

Safe Innov’s mission is to innovate in the field of occupational safety and to create tools and systems that allow for a better understanding of the risks faced by personnel in the field.

-How did you come up with the idea of a space security system?

The need expressed by the SNCF was to be able to secure intervention teams on mobile and/or temporary work sites. We then brainstormed to explore at 360° the different technologies that could contribute to build an effective, efficient and safe solution.

-How long did it take you to imagine, design, test and market your innovation?

It took five years of work, field tests and convergence to industrialize and deliver the first equipment. Obtaining SNCF work approval was a key milestone that was achieved in August 2021.

-What feedback do your customers have on your product?

The feedback is very good. Customers gain both organizational flexibility and security for their interventions. The objectives and promises of the system are achieved!

-Are there any obstacles to the development of this system in companies? and among users?

The initial investment represents a significant cost (from 5k€ to 15k€ for typical configurations). That said, just by thinking about organization and productivity gains, the ROI is estimated at 3 to 5 months; not to mention the gains in safety and work comfort for the staff, which are as invaluable as they are difficult to quantify.

-Is this a model that can be generalized to all different situations?

The system was designed with a multitude of uses and contexts in mind. Day or night work, construction, energy, electrical work, small teams or complex sites, machine/pedestrian collisions, etc. The potential uses are countless.

-What is the average cost to purchase this system?

It all depends on the expected configuration (length of the barrier cable required, number of proximity sensors, management of the “noise” risk in addition to the risk of proximity to a dangerous area, etc.). Safe Innov will help customers find the configuration that best suits their business and organization.

-From which sector of activity do your clients mainly come?

Currently, the fields of railway services and works and the construction industry in the broadest sense.

-Do you have other products or services that you offer for sale?

Currently, the fields of railway services and works and the construction industry in the broadest sense.