The Public Works & Networks Portal, INTERTRAS, published an article on November 30, 2021, highlighting the features and benefits of our Sound and Light Life and Safety Line.


As a result of a fruitful partnership with the SNCF, SAFE INNOV launches the LVSL (Luminous Life and Safety Line) to make interventions near dangerous areas safer.

With the abandonment of chemical weed control in favor of manual clearing, it has become essential for SNCF Réseau to ensure the safety of personnel working along the tracks.

In response to this need, SAFE INNOV, My Angel’s sister company and expert in the protection of isolated workers (PTI), innovates and markets a virtual barrier to be temporarily installed at the edge of the tracks.

This cable, a real luminous lifeline, is detected by a proximity sensor worn on the ankle by the intervening personnel. This sensor alerts him if he is too close to the cable, thus potentially too close to the danger zone. The sound signal can also be received by a communicating hearing protection system (the GUARDIAN communicating headset in partnership with VOKKERO by VOGO).

The LVSL has applications far beyond the railway sector. This solution is also useful to prevent the risk of accidents for professionals in many sectors of activity, working near risky areas: hopper, trench, dangerous machinery and construction equipment, approach to a road, electrical risk, forestry, …