The PREVENTION BTP website published an article on November 2, 2021, explaining the characteristics and advantages of our Sound and Light Life and Safety Line.


A luminous lifeline for interventions near dangerous areas

Safe Innov launches a luminescent life and safety line (LVSL) designed to secure interventions near hazardous areas.

The Safe Innov luminous lifeline is a cable that can be detected by a proximity sensor worn on the ankle by the intervening personnel. This sensor alerts him if he is too close to the cable, thus potentially too close to the danger zone. The sound signal can also be received by a communicating hearing protection system. This equipment, approved and deployed by the SNCF, has applications well beyond the railway sector. It is also useful to prevent the risk of accidents for professionals working near risky areas : hoppers, trenches, dangerous machines and construction equipment, approaching traffic lanes, electrical risks, etc.

The installation of a luminescent lifeline and safety line is fast (15 minutes to secure 100 meters), simple (no calibration is necessary) and does not require any particular logistics. This solution is suitable for night work and allows operators to work safely in poorly lit areas.