The PIC website published this Wednesday, October 13, 2021, an article announcing the launch of the Safe Innov Sound and Light Safety and Life Line.

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Safe Innov : Luminescent Life and Safety Line

Safe Innov, a sister company of My Angel, markets a virtual barrier to be temporarily installed at the edge of railway tracks.

This cable, a real luminous lifeline, is detected by a proximity sensor worn on the ankle by the intervening personnel.
This sensor alerts him if he is too close to the cable, thus potentially too close to the danger zone.
The sound signal can also be received by a communicating hearing protection system (the Guardian communicating headset in partnership with Vokkero by Vogo.

Approved and deployed by the SNCF, the LVSL (Lifeline and Luminous Safety Line) is quick to install (15 minutes to secure 100 meters), simple (no calibration is necessary) and requires no special logistics.

Technical specifications

  • An individual 10 meter portable version is also available.
  • The system has been patented.
  • Manufactured in France, the LVSL will be launched this summer 2021
  • Safe Innov offers the LVSL for sale or rent depending on your needs. A test period is also possible.