Construction published this Wednesday, October 20, 2021, an article to highlight the launch of the Safe Innov Sound and Light Lifeline.

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The result of 5 years of R&D, Safe Innov’s LVSL virtual barrier represents a breakthrough innovation as an alternative to the installation of physical barriers, providing safety, time and cost savings.

The LVSL virtual barrier is a protection system for professionals working near hazardous areas.

This lighted lifeline project was launched in 2017 to provide a solution to a specific safety issue for SNCF Réseau.

As a forerunner and with the will to stop the use of glyphosate, the SNCF has changed its practice of vegetation control. This implies increased human intervention near the tracks and a desire to improve practices in terms of safety and worksite logistics

explains Lionel Brunnengreber, president of Safe Innov.

In response to this need, Safe Innov, My Angel’s sister company and expert in Isolated Worker Protection (IWP), has been marketing since this summer 2021 a virtual barrier to be temporarily installed at the edge of the tracks.

A LVSL consists of sensors and a reel that carries and feeds a luminescent transmitter cable. The cable, a real luminous lifeline, is detected by a proximity sensor worn on the ankle by the intervening personnel. This sensor alerts him if he is too close to the cable, thus potentially too close to the danger zone. The sound signal can also be received by a communicating hearing protection system and thus secure a team of several participants (editor’s note: the Guardian communicating helmet in partnership with Vokkero by VOGO)”.

Safe Innov

Tested with several vegetation control teams, in real-life situations on different sites and types of construction sites, the patented system is now an approved equipment and deployed by the SNCF.

To learn more, visit Safe Innov at booth 1-509 at Sifer